follow site OCT IS SETTING UP CLINICAL TRIAL PROGRAMS. IF THIS IS OF INTEREST, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS BELOW. Clinical trials are research studies that involve both patient and healthy volunteers. They are designed to provide important information on a new treatment such as the safety and effectiveness. Trials are an important step in the development of new therapies for the medical market.

citas para mujeres solteras Clinical trials are dependent on volunteers – if you would like to participate, or learn more about them, please fill in the form below.

binaire opties betrouwbaar BENEFITS OF SIGNING UP

  • If a patient, access treatments before they are widely available
  • If healthy, to help someone who has been diagnosed with a disease and for whom you think medical cannabis may be beneficial
  • Play a role in the discovery of treatments and preventions for medical conditions
  • Access latest news surrounding cannabis legislation and clinical trials
  • Receive compensation for time and travel related to the clinical trial